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Youth Development Workshops

We seek to partner and support the mission of schools and organizations serving men, children, youth & families by offering strength-based youth development workshops. Each workshop focuses on critical concepts key to positive youth development. Primary concepts include positive racial identity, mental health awareness, social emotional learning themes, and parental support.

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“When I See Me”

“When I See Me” is a workshop series that explores the portrayal of African-American men and boys in the media. This workshop aims to engage participants in a thought-provoking dialogue on self-concept and racial identity. The maximum capacity is 15-20 participants.

 “My Life is Valuable!”

“My Life is Valuable” is a youth violence prevention workshop series that educates youth on the impact of community violence. Youth will receive trauma-informed instruction and conflict resolution strategies. Maximum capacity is 15 participants.

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“He Won’t Talk, She Won’t Listen”

“He Won’t Talk, She Won’t Listen” is a workshop series that offers strategies on improving communication and strengthening bonds between mothers and sons. Workshop participants must consist of a mother and son pair. The workshop is led by one facilitator and requires at least six (6) mother and son pairs. The maximum capacity is eight (8) pairs.  If a group exceeds maximum capacity then a co-facilitator will be assigned.

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 “Baba Strong

 “Baba Strong” centers the engagement of fathers and  father figures in the school and community settings.This  workshop series aim to support fathers navigating parenting dynamics. Participants will learn skills to strengthen communication and relationships with family members. Maximum capacity is 15 participants.

Son of a Dream Book Talks

 Son of a Dream books, "100! Real Talk for Our Boys" and "Strong: Mental Health for Black Boys"  cover a range a topics including trauma, bullying, healthy decision-making, and racial identity. Participants will receive copies of the books along with an impactful discussion. 

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