About Son of a Dream


What We Do?

        Son of a Dream Services & Multimedia Resources is a multifaceted agency committed to supporting the healthy development & success of children, youth, and families. The following goals and objectives helps us to achieve our mission: 

 Goal 1: To increase mental health, social emotional learning, and life skills competency among youth (ages 11-17) and families. 

 Objective 1: Partner with schools, agencies, and programs to offer culturally relevant youth and family workshops. 

 Goal 2: To increase the knowledge-based of human professionals professionals (social workers, psychologists, etc.) working with Black children, youth, and families. 

 Objective 2: Provide trainings and film projects that center strength-based approaches to serving Black children, youth, and families.  

Our Dream: Healthy children, youth, and families thriving in their communities. 

About the Founder 


Robert Marvin "Bobby" Holmes, LMSW (License # 24927)

         A dynamic and well-rounded professional, Bobby Marvin Holmes is a licensed social worker in the state of Maryland with a dual background in human services and multimedia. Holmes’s career spans across diverse areas of practice. He has nearly a decade of combined experience working within the public child welfare system, the behavioral health sector, the public school system, and community-based programs.  As a community journalist and producer, he has covered topics such as juvenile justice reform and school safety for various platforms including Baltimore AFRO, Baltimore Times, WEAA, and WYPR.
         Holmes currently serves as a mental health therapist for Parker Psychiatric Services and founder of Son of a Dream Services & Multimedia Resources, an agency committed to the healthy development and success of children, youth, and families. A staunch advocate, Holmes has participated in various grassroots initiatives and policy actions including addressing community violence and ensuring healthy school facilities. A proud husband and father, he lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and children.