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About Son of a Dream

What We Do?

        Son of a Dream Services & Multimedia Resources is a multifaceted agency committed to supporting the healthy development & success of Black men, youth and families. The following goals and objectives helps us to achieve our mission: 

Goal 1: To support the mental health and well-being of men and boys.  

Objective 1: Offer mental health services to men and boys living in urban and suburban communities. 

Goal 2: To increase access to culturally youth development programming. 

Objective 2: Partner with schools, agencies, and programs to offer culturally relevant youth and family workshops. 

Goal 3: To increase the knowledge-based of human services practitioners (social workers, psychologists, etc.) serving Black men, boys, and families. 

Objective 3: Provide trainings and resources that center strength-based approaches to serving Black men, boys, and families.  

Our Dream: Healthy men, youth, and families thriving in their communities. 

About the Owner/Founder 

Robert Bobby Tunmise Holmes, LCSW-C (License # 24927), LICSW (LC200002713)

Curriculum Vitae

A dynamic and well-rounded professional, Bobby Tunmise Holmes is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Maryland and Washington, D.C. with a dual background in human services and multimedia. With a decade of combined experience, he has worked in the behavioral health sector, the public child welfare system, the public school system, and with community-based programs.


As founder of Son of a Dream, Holmes leads a multifaceted agency offering culturally responsive services and resources with a unique focus on Black men, boys, and families. Holmes is also a member of the leadership council for the Baltimore Legacy-Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW), where he help supports Maryland Black social workers in strengthening their capacity to serve Black communities. 

A staunch community advocate, Holmes participated in various grassroots initiatives and policy actions aimed at empowering youth, families, and communities. A proud father, he lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his children.

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