Our films are used as workshops for professional conferences, professional development trainings, and lectures in higher education.

Our film screenings & discussion workshops aim to inform and educate students & professionals on critical social justice issues.


Son of a Dream  current film releases include “For Him I Him” a intimate film that gives an inside look into single moms raising black boys in America.

“Young Blood,” is a raw and compelling documentary series that chronicles pressing issues impacting black males. “Live Young Blood,” the first installment, focuses on Baltimore’s struggle to reduce gun violence. The second installment “Free Young Blood Combating the Mass Incarceration of Black Males” details racial disparities within the criminal justice system. 


This workshop is open to high school, college, professional audiences.



“Teaching & Leading” is a training series for mentors, teachers, and youth development professionals who work with male youth. The course is focused on teaching methods to strengthen skill sets. Training sessions will cover an array of topics including teaching effective communication to youth, family mediation, establishing trusting relationships, and more.


“When I See Me” Media plays an intricate role in society. We are constantly enamored with stories and opinions that shape our perspectives. From stereotypes to bias news coverage, communities of color have historically been misrepresented in media. Contrary to that standard, there have been significant images of communities of color that have been dispelled harmful stereotypes.  “When I See Me” is a multimedia workshop that explores the portrayal of African-Americans in media. This forum aims to engage youth in a thought provoking dialogue about uplifting and complex messages and images presented in media.


“He Won’t Talk, She Won’t Listen.”  Teenage males are often seen as being emotionally stagnate and unable to express their feelings. The truth is teens want to talk and they want to be heard. “He Won’t Talk, She Won’t Listen” is a two-hour workshop that offers strategies on improving communication and strengthening bonds between mothers and sons.

“My Life is Valuable!” Gun violence continues to be an ongoing issue that grips major cities across America. The devastation is immeasurable as many families deal with the lost of love ones.  The time to take a stand against the culture of violence is NOW. “My Life is Valuable” is a multimedia violence prevention workshop that educates youth on the impact of gun violence on families and communities. Youth will learn how to identify potential conflict and conflict resolution strategies.

“Where’s the Love?” The adolescence stage introduces many of dynamics including dating. As teens begin navigating their way through relationships the need for guidance becomes greater. “Where’s the Love?” is a unique workshop that teaches teens how to establish healthy relationships, identify misogynistic views & practices, and cultivate self-respect and self-love.

“Raising Strong Readers” is a workshop series designed to promote literacy & creative
writing in schools. Led by children’s book authors, Matt Prestbury, Curtis Black, and Bobby Marvin Holmes, the series offers fun and engaging activities designed  to strengthen reading and writing skills among elementary and middle school students

“Baba Strong” is a parenting workshop series for fathers. This training series offers support and strategies for co-parenting and healthy child development.